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Published: 03rd June 2011
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War of Nationwide
With the resources of the three Kingdoms constrained, and the menace of the metins rising war among the Kingdoms is enevitable they will need to fight for these sources in buy to survive. Gamers find which Kingdom their characters appear from and get up arms to assist their Kingdoms in their battle towards the Metin and the other Kingdoms. Gamers are able to fight versus other gamers from distinct Kingdoms throughout the War of Nations. In order to get your final victory for your Kingdom you will have to have a wise leader, and players from that Kingdom will have to cooperate throughout the war. The Kingdom that wins the war will acquire possession of revenue and land all those that fought in the war and succeeded will acquire Glory, Honor, and make a bigger military ranking. Do you want to be a Hero? Join the War!
Guild Home
In Metin2 when a guild meets specific demands the guild leader may possibly buy land, develop a guild home and produce their personal guild mark. In buy to do that, the guild will need to have plenty of components and gold which have to be contributed by the guild members. This results in a sense of belonging and a sense of achievement, but also enhances the trust between members. The guild residence is a memorable symbol for the guild and it represents the dignity and honor of the guild. At the exact time it serves quite a few other capabilities. Characters can also adjust their appearance into a Bear or Wolf. When they adjust kind they obtain all of their character abilities, and the skills that the animal bestows upon them. This is just one more unbelievable aspect of what Metin2 has to give. See the Cartoon for extra information, or just play the game.

A very long time ago there was only a single empire that existed in the continent. The land seasoned tranquility and peace and did not know the conflating deadly ailments that spread about the globe. Innocent men and women suffered as many who have been slain by these beasts or choked to death by ailment later on rose all over again as undead. The undead caused chaos and destruction in their wake with seemingly limitless numbers. Their tireless existence appeared as if this challenge was not heading to go away. At some point the single empire collapsed and became a few distinctive kingdoms, all fighting for their individual survival. To this incredibly day, they still treat each other as enemies.

The falling of the Metin Stone was just the starting of what was nevertheless to appear. More compact stones continued to drop from time to time, and all 3 Kingdoms lived in concern. None would dare strategy the Metin Stones for the reason that the most terrifying creatures roam close to them. Lately, it was learned that the ability of the Metin Stone was increasing and folks felt that it was consuming electricity from the planet.

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